Spotlight: Ingrid Morroy, Commissioner of Revenue for Arlington County

Spotlight: Ingrid Morroy, Commissioner of Revenue for Arlington County


For the month of September, DAAV features Ingrid Morroy, who is Arlington County’s Commissioner of Revenue. Ms. Morroy proudly embraces her mixed ethnic identity. Her maternal grandmother was Indonesian, while her paternal grandmother was both Chinese and black. Additionally, Ms. Morroy’s grandfathers were Dutch on her mother's side, and mixed white and black on her father's side. We recently interviewed Ms. Morroy to learn more about her experiences serving at the local level.


DAAV: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Morroy: When I first became the Commissioner of Revenue, the first I did was change how the office was managed and took care of my staff.  For example, staff who worked under my predecessor did not have supplies to use in the office. While there was no budget for it, I found a way to pay for the office supplies. I recalled some of my employees crying when they came in on the first day under my leadership seeing their office supply packages on their desks. Certainly one of the most rewarding parts of my job is seeing staff progress – in their basic skill levels, in their ability to provide ever-improving levels of customer service, and in their actual set of job skills due to internal promotions. 

DAAV: What does leadership in public service mean to you?

Morroy: It means I can feel good about serving the public and making positive contributions to my community, thereby helping to make Arlington a fairer (and therefore, in my opinion, better) place to live. 

DAAV: How does your diverse ethnic background play a role in the work that you do?

I can connect with people on many levels because of my diverse background and heritage, my interest in different cultures through music (I am a musician myself) and foreign cuisines, and the fact that I grew up in a large family that includes my twin sister! 

DAAV: What skill sets do you think help make you do your job well?

Morroy: Managerial skills that includes empowering staff, understanding of finance and taxation, understanding of modern technology and the way that technology is used in the tax assessment function. I put our customers and business owners first. We get many inquiries unrelated to this administrative office. Rather than direct customers to the other departments of the county, we make sure to handle their inquiry from my office. We call to find the right administrators in the departments and handle the requests ourselves. As a result, my office has become a strong advocate for Arlington residents and businesses.

Ms. Morroy is a resident of South Arlington, Virignia. Learn more about her leadership accomplishments here. This spotlight is the second in a working series highlighting Virginia’s Asian Americans in elected office. Please like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to get the latest news and updates from DAAV!