Looking back to 2016

Looking back to 2016


Every year, we put together our Annual Review of the work we did together. It feels that 2016 seems like a long time ago, but it's not. We're only 100 + 1 day into the number 45 administration.

This is huge! Last year we earned media exposure from the WSJ. 

This year, the Democratic Asian Americans of Virginia group is on the forefront of an effort to better reach these voters, through targeted canvassing, ads in Asian languages, and aid in registering voters.

Wall Street Journal, September 26, 2016

The focus of our work was and always has been based on collaboration. We worked in collaboration with campaigns (from Presidential, DNC, to Congressional) and like-minded organizations. We believe there's so much more we can do, if we work together. 

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Today, we resist. We resist #45 together for the good of this country.