DAAV started the Community Engagement Award in 2015, which later was renamed to Joe Montano, one of the DAAV's co-founders. The awards are given to individuals who made a difference in their community.

Joe Montano Community Engagement Award Recipients

Toa-Do (2015)

Bel-Leong Hong (2016)

Del. Mark Keam (2016)

Christopher Lu (2017)

Mayor Jeanette Rishell (2017)

Sue Langley (2018)

Tae Chang Woo (2018)

Tram Nguyen (2019)

Atif Qarni (2019)

Fearless Leader Award

Delegate Kathy Tran is the first inaugural recipient of 2019 Fearless Leader award for elected officials who's not afraid to fight on behalf of their constituents.

Unsung Hero

Anika Rahman is the first inaugural recipient of the 2019 Unsung S-hero award for those who are dedicated to community activism.