APAHM 2021 honorees

DAAV AAPI Heritage Month Honorees

For this year's Asian Pacific Heritage Month celebration, we decided to celebrate and honor our leaders in the community. They are grassroots leaders who are bringing a voice to our community both inside and outside of political space. Of course our list is not exhaustive and there are many, many more leaders who are doing amazing work that we hope to recognize in the months to come.

Our community in the Commonwealth continues to grow, continues to find its voice and will only get more vocal in the years to come.

The 2021 AAPI Heritage Month Honorees:

Ilryong Moon

Chanda Choun

Ravi Chaudhary

Sookyung Oh

Saman Aghaebrahim

Monique Alcala

Zaki Barzinji

Saddam Salim

Radwan Chowdhury

Kannan Srinivasan

Adnan Bokhari

Anh Phan

Esther Lee

Carla Okouchi

Ann Ratnayake Macy

Suja Amir

Hyun Lee

Shekar Narasimhan

Varun Nikore

Sue Langley

Niharika Joe

Binh Ly

Chris DeRosa

Jalmeen Soni

Clarence Tong

Julia Kim Chun

Kim-Ha Ly

Linh Hoang

Paul Igasaki

Rose Fabia

Tracie Liguid

Justin Lo

Trudy Berry

Wesley Joe

Atif Qarni

Eric Lin

Tram Nguyen

Raheel Sheikh

Asif Bhavnagri

Ha Tang

Mansoor Qureshi

Rafi Ahmed

Melody Agbisit

Aesha Sheikh

Jewan Tiwari

Chona O'Galvin

Sylvia Patton

Veena Gupta Lothe

Sreedhar Nagireddi